Protestors at Detroit GOP debate fight for ideas

Posted at 8:06 AM, Mar 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-04 08:06:14-05

Downtown Detroit was alive with chants and cheering the night of the Republican Debate.

But, barring the notable exceptions of a group holding signs for John Kasich and other chanting against Donald Trump, most protesters outside the Fox Theatre weren't for or against any one candidate.

"What I would want the candidates to understand is that we have voices, we want them heard, and we care deeply about this country, and we hope they do the same," said Kae Halonen.

"None of these presidential candidates have said anything about Flint, MI, so we're saying why the silence on Flint?" National Action Network Michigan President Rev. Charles Williams II said.

Some were fighting for a higher minimum wage.

"We're the people of the city of Detroit, they're listening because when we talk, we talk strong," Mark Logan said.

Others, calling for immigration reform.

"I am here to fight for my friends and my family for immigrants rights," Maya Balle said.

All agreed that bringing the presidential candidate debate, and the national political spotlight, to Detroit helps bring Michigan's problems to light.

"We're suffering in Michigan, schools closing, bad water in Flint, police brutality," Keith Harris said.

"I'm so glad that the people of Detroit we come together and fight for our country," Balle said.