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Protecting Your Home From Flooding

Posted: 8:40 AM, Jan 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-11 13:40:36Z

When the temperature increases so does the chances for flooding.

Kurt Knisely, a Service Manager at the Meridian Company, says it's important check your basement for standing water.

"A lot of basements have the furnaces and water heaters", said Knisely.

"If that water gets up, it can damage those and cause permanent damage to them."

If you're experiencing standing water in your home experts say it's important to find out where the water source is coming from that's causing the problem.

One of the first places you can check is the sump pump.

"A simple thing you can do is a lot of people have a sump-pump discharge," said Knisely.

"It's out in their yards. You can make sure that's clear of debris and that it's not frozen up at the end."

You can also do a quick check around the outside of your home and look for areas that might be stopping water from freely flowing.

Lansing Public Service Director Andy Kilpatrick says residents need to see if their gutters and down sprouts are working correctly.

"if they want to shovel snow away from the foundation of their house if they have a basement, that will prevent flooding", said Kilpatrick.

Plumbing professionals say if you can't get a service member out to fix the issue, try shutting off the water in your home to prevent further damage and use a shop-vac to clean- up standing water.