Protecting the packages on your porch

Posted: 8:59 AM, Dec 03, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-03 08:59:09-05

Any time of day, no porch is safe from a thief.

"If you can see your front porch or the area where your packages would be delivered, if you can see it from the roadway, you're probably not safe," said DeWitt Police Chief Bruce Ferguson. "And you need to find a way to keep it out of sight."

Because in just one day, a thief stole packages from three different homes in DeWitt.

"It's all in the same area, so geographically it's only a few blocks from where they all occurred," the Chief said. "So, we believe that it's probably the same person."

Chief Ferguson said the driver is a blonde female. She's behind the wheel of a 4-door navy blue Chevy pick-up with a black topper.

"It is a crime. It's a larceny. Obviously, jail time, if you're caught," Chief Ferguson added.

It's an act neighbors can't believe is hitting their neighborhood.

"You don't really think about that I guess when you order, just especially in a town like this. It's not a scary thing I guess," said resident Kelli Vandersteen.

She always has multiple packages delivered to her door this time of year.

"I do a lot of photobooks and things I spend a lot of time working on," Vandersteen said. "And, I'm excited about them. And, to have them stolen would just really be upsetting."

Police have a number of suggestions to make sure that doesn't happen, like asking the carrier to deliver the package to your neighbor, or hide it on the side or back of the house or recycling bin.

"Whatever you can do to keep your package out of sight, that's a bottom line," Chief Ferguson said,

And, USPS said they're more than willing to help.

"You can go to and we have some applications on there that you can sign up for to redirect your package or to say, you know, leave my package at the post office and I'll come pick it up," explained Sabrina Todd of the USPS Greater Michigan District.

Any measure to make sure get what you paid for.

We reached out to other local police departments. Both Mason and St. Johns told us, they've had one similar theft.

The Postal Service also suggests sending your packages through Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express, so you can track your deliveries. That service insures packages for up to $100.