Professional eaters crush local challenge

Posted at 8:57 AM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 10:01:48-04

Do you think you could you eat more than five pounds of food in one sitting?

Well, two men took on that challenge Monday night at Crossroads BBQ in Grand Ledge.

Randy Santel, a professional eater competed. "I have 606 food challenge wins in 48 states and in 20 countries," Santel said.

Monday night Santel became the first person to reign victorious in the Chopping Block Challenge at the restaurant.

Lee Burmeister, Crossroads BBQ Owner said, "It's the first time its been beaten. It's monumental. I wasn't sure that he was gonna do it for a minute but he pulled it off."

Santel ate enough food to feed a family; a pound of brisket, another pound of pulled pork, a whole rack of ribs, a dozen chicken wings, along with a large order of fries, and you can't forget the pound of andouille sausage, plus, a number of large drinks to wash it all down.

Santel told FOX 47, "Pretty much every food challenge I do trains me and has me ready for the next one. So I'll be doing a challenge in Canada tomorrow. This challenge has me ready for that one. The challenge I did yesterday in Holland has me ready for today."

And he says with every challenge he walks away with more than just a full stomach, "I'm feeling good. I'll feel probably worse in about a 
half hour, but right now I'm running on the high of winning in front of everybody so its a good night."

Another professional eater, "Magic Mitch", also finished the challenge with just three minutes and 20 seconds to spare.

Crossroads BBQ has held the "Chopping Block Challenge" since the doors opened in 2015.

And the prize for winning is the meal for free, a t-shirt, and your picture on the wall... but the most important one is pride.