President Trump talks about bringing jobs back to the auto industry

Posted at 6:34 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 07:37:16-04

Big changes are coming to the auto industry, that's what president Trump said during his trip to Michigan on Wednesday.

"We want to be the car capitol of the world again," emphasized Trump, "we will be, and it won't be long, believe me."

Automakers said deregulation and environmental requirement changes will help make that happen.

Trump agrees, and says his new regulations will help both car companies, and the workers.

"It's not a complex subject, it's going to be great regulation," explains Trump, "but it's gonna be fair, but it's won't be complex. It'll be better for the environment, better for safety, but it won't be complex."

The fewer regulations will be an effort to revitalize the industry that Trump says is being crushed.

"To succeed as a country, we have to work together," he says, "we have to fight side by side to protect our industry and to stop the jobs from leaving our country. It's not gonna happen anymore, folks."

That will be done on the shoulders of a new plan to bring jobs back to the US and take pressure off of automakers:

"We must embrace a new economic model, let's call it the American model," Trump says to a cheering crowd. "Under this system we will reduce burdens on our companies, and on our businesses, but in exchange, companies must hire and grow in America."

These changes will be the end to what Trump says was an "assault on the auto industry."