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Potholes cover mid-Michigan

Posted at 8:45 AM, Feb 22, 2018

These were just some of the things drivers were telling me:

"The potholes are awful, they are awful. I was just saying they could shake your fillings loose," said Barb Kowalk.

"It was a bang and I was afraid I had busted my tire," said Mary Ablan.

"Not good. I got a BMW so it's been causing a lot of damage to my car," said Tommy Speed.

The majority of the damage these cars are taking isn't as immediate as your tire bursting, according to Vision Tire and Auto's Darren Buehrer, he says potholes wear on your car over time.

"You might hit a pothole and think nothing happened- "good I dodged a bullet." Then six months down the road you may have wheel barring go out because of that pothole," said Buehrer.

Muffler Man Associate Christi Turner says in her two years of working there she's never seen this many people come in with pothole damage.  He says the city needs to do something more than just patch up the roads.

"A lot of these repairs getting done would be prevented if our roads wasn't as bad as they are," said Turner.

You may think the potholes on your street are bad... right now I'm standing in the eye of the storm of potholes, and one woman I spoke with wants the mayor to take notice of her street.

"I would like to invite the city council members and the mayor to drive down my street and see. My husband is handicapped and he holds on for dear life," said Kowalk.