Politicians Weigh in on Flint Water Crisis

Posted: 6:42 PM, Jan 18, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-18 18:42:49-05

With a basic need unavailable in Flint, Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow can't help but point out the injustices its residents are living with.

"Think about a mom in Flint who was mixing her baby formula with water because she was told it was safe and it was not," the Senator said.

During Monday's MLK Luncheon in Lansing, Senator Stabenow said there's no doubt the state dropped the ball.

"The publicity is the only thing that seems to have moved them," she said. "I truly believe if this were other parts of the state, this would've been acted on much more quickly."

Senator Stabenow said the Federal Government has a responsibility to help, but only as a supplement to the State's aid.

She explained, "The state just announced they have a surplus they're going to try to decide what to do with, well they should make Flint a priority. They have a rainy day fund? Well there are hurricanes going on in Flint right now."

Republican Representative Mike Bishop also wants to see a sense of urgency. But, he said, this shouldn't become a political issue.

"I think this Governor has taken responsibility and he has stepped up to the plate. I think now it's going to be how well he handles this situation," he explained. "We'll continue to work. This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue."

President Obama has signed an emergency declaration granting the city more resources. But, Lt. Governor Brian Calley said more attention is needed in the long term.

"Anybody that had lead exposure that we have to have long term plans to deal with that, to make sure that we give people, get the best possible outcomes for people given the tragic circumstances in the past," he said.

All hands on deck as the pipes continue to be fixed.

"In hindsight, there were a lot of horrible mistakes that were made," Lt. Governor Calley added.

Senator Stabenow told FOX 47 News that the Mayor of Flint is expected to be in Washington this week.