Police warn of driveway sealing scam in Mid-Michigan

Posted at 7:31 AM, Jul 15, 2016

Police departments in Mid-Michigan are alerting you of a scam targeting the elderly and it involves your driveway.

A group of men in a pick up truck are approaching homeowners in Mid-Michigan telling them their driveway needs to be resealed, even saying they've done the same work years ago.

The most recent case took place in Clinton County's village of Westphalia. The group of men convinced an elderly woman of the work. She ended up writing them a check for hundreds of dollars.

"These people are very good at what they do, they're very savvy in how they do this," said Clinton County Sheriff Wayne Kangas.

After receiving the check, the men cashed it at a Grand Rapids area bank. It's unlikely the woman will get her money back.

The Clinton County Sheriff's Department is working on obtaining surveillance photo's from the bank to help identify the men involved.

Meanwhile last week, the group of men had an encounter with the wrong man.

"I was sitting on my porch weeks ago and this truck pulled up with three guys in it," said John Hayhoe, who was approached by the men at his home in Holt.

"They jumped out and said 'Hey, we put this sealer on your driveway a couple years ago and we're here to do it again,'" said Hayhoe.

The group of men didn't do all of their homework as they missed one important detail. John has owned his own asphalt company for over 30 years. He placed the black top and applied a sealer himself in his own driveway.

The men took off quickly.

"Just as they were leaving I decided to take a picture of them," said Hayhoe.

The Clinton County Sheriff's Department urges the public to use caution if a business cannot show you their license or cannot give a reference.

"Most people want to be nice, they don't want to be offensive or insult people but they get scammed on this thing," said Kangas.

Anyone that encounters this group of men or knows of any other possible scam is urged to contact your local police department.