Police video shows swamp arrest

Posted: 11:29 AM, Jun 27, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-27 15:29:38Z
Police video shows swamp arrest
Police video shows swamp arrest

A string of home invasions through several mid-Michigan counties.

FOX 47 has obtained exclusive video that shows exactly what happened when police caught up with the suspects.

Keith Worthington and Tiffany Denton are accused of stealing from multiple homes in Eaton, Barry, and Calhoun counties last month.

According to police, the couple ran from officers through multiple parks before being caught.

The video shows a look at how that went down from the eye in the sky-- the state police helicopter video.

The trooper from the helicopter said, "we got a heat source in the swamp we'd like you to check."

A Michigan State trooper spotted Keith Worthington after circling a swamp in Bellevue for over a half hour.

The chopper camera shows Worthington covered his face with a lily pad.

The trooper said, "this heat signature we think it might be a set of head and shoulders coming up out of the water."

Worthington is on the north side of the swamp near the 9000 block of S Ionia Rd.

The trooper directs officers and a canine unit on land to go and find him.

"Start pushing westbound and get up to the edge of the swamp and I'm going to try to push you into him," the trooper told officers on the ground.

"Perfect we're moving," said an officer on the ground.

As the officers on the land move so does Worthington.

" He does see and hear you...he is just walking in the swamp, he is walking westbound," said the state trooper.

Worthington walks neck deep towards the center of the swamp.

After another thirty minutes a boat with officers and two other officers walking in the swamp close in on him.

Shortly after, a person nearby spots the other suspect -- Tiffany Denton near Peas Road and Love Highway and called the police.

From the helicopter, you can see Denton handcuffed and escorted to a police car.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Saxton said the duo were quite the robbers.

"We have recovered firearms, China, and plates, silverware, typically anything that the suspect could sell and turn around for cash quickly, electronics, jewelry," said Sheriff Matthew Saxton, Calhoun County.

Police said the pair hit over a dozen homes in Barry, Eaton, and Calhoun Counties.

"Unfortunately all too often when a subject goes around and does multiple B &E's they get rid of the property as soon as they get it in their possession so the opportunity to recover and return to original owners is a positive in this case," said Sheriff Saxton.

Police say they have been able to return some of the items to their owners. They are still looking to track down others, and some items are being held as evidence pending the charges.

If you think some of your items have been stolen you can give the Calhoun, Eaton or Barry County Sheriff's office a call if you have any questions.

Worthington is being held in the Eaton County jail.

A warrant has been issued in Calhoun County for him on counts of stolen firearms and possession of a firearm

Officials told us Denton is in the Calhoun County jail.