Police patrols increase near Pleasant Grove and Holmes intersection

Posted at 8:49 AM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 08:49:07-04

The Pleasant Grove Plaza has been a topic of discussion at numerous Public Safety Committee meetings.

Since June 27th, the Lansing Police Department has increased patrols near the Pleasant Grove and Holmes intersection.

Residents in the area told FOX 47 they feel as if the plaza is being targeted by law enforcement.

LPD Chief Mike Yankowski said the police presence is a result of complaints and gun violence.

“Pleasant Grove and Holmes is one area of the city that we get quality of life complaints on”, said Chief Yankowski.

“It's not the only area that our officers are focusing on with extra patrols and problem solving efforts.”

The Chief says the department received numerous complaints about illegal and indecent activity at the Pleasant Grove Plaza.

“Urinating in public was one of those quality of life issues that was brought to our attention, open alcohol, or loitering, or selling drugs in the parking lot, those are quality of life issues”, Chief Yankowski continued.

Wednesday Lansing City Council's Committee on Public Safety discussed an 18-point-plan to reduce crime and increase community support at the intersection of Holmes and Pleasant Grove.

“Some of those issues potentially led to a shooting that occurred there in June”, Chief Yankowski said.

“So we said many times, when there is gun violence, we are not going to tolerate gun violence.”

FOX 47 also reached out to the property managers of the Pleasant Grove Plaza.

We are still waiting for a call back.