Police issue warning to parents about deadly street drug 'Pinky'

Posted at 9:25 AM, Sep 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 09:25:38-04

A new warning about a drug that is on the streets right now that looks like crushed Tylenol but is ten times more powerful than morphine.

Its a synthetic opioid known as Pink or Pinky because it can be crushed and snorted from the pinky finger. The real name for the drug is U-47700.

It has been linked to multiple deaths and is now suspected in the deaths of two 13-year-old boys in Utah. Police in Park City say the two 13-year-old friends died Sunday and Tuesday. Police say based on their social media accounts and tips, they think the teens might have taken pinky. Autopsy and toxicology tests are underway to determine their exact cause of death.

Kids can get pinky easily online with just a simple search. Authorities say its readily available for purchase online primarily from Chinese suppliers. Police say the drug is so powerful that the first time someone uses it, it can take their life.

Police are urging parents nationwide to check children's backpacks, bags and purses for a white powder in a bag. The packaging could include a cartoon label and eye droppers or nasal inhalers which are sometimes used to take the drug because it is available in liquid form as well.

Pinky has already been banned in Europe, Sweden and Finland. The Drug Enforcement Agency in the U.S. or DEA has filed a motion to get pinky on the federal drug schedule. That motion is expected to take effect in a month and once it does pinky will be classified with other drugs that are addictive like Heroin and LSD.