Police investigating string of armed robberies

Posted at 8:13 AM, Dec 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-09 08:13:14-05

Three suspects ran into Airport Party Store in Lansing Monday night and left with cash and alcohol.

"Our detectives are on it," said Officer Robert Merritt with the Lansing Police Department. "Our officers are on it, meaning we've got full investigation going on each one of these robberies."

The Lansing police Department says what happened at Airport Party Store is one of 16 robberies over the last 30 days, and that's eleven more than they've had this time last year.

"We arrested two females in the last 30 days," said Merritt. "Township we assisted with arresting two males that were responsible, and we're looking at the fact that maybe some of these robberies are connected."

Airport Party Store was one of two party stores robbed overnight. They happened 20 minutes apart. All three suspects have similar descriptions and actions.

"We're not saying that it is 100 percent what the characteristics of each crime are similar, but we're not ruling out these three individuals were responsible for both robberies," said Merritt.

People who live in the area say these crimes have them on edge.

"It's close to home and that kind of bothers me, because you know I usually walk at night by myself," said a woman who just moved into the neighborhood in October. "With the crimes and things that are going on in the neighborhood, it makes me want to walk with someone."

She hopes police will have a larger presence in the area.

"By the kids playing outside and the crimes that are committed, anything can go on," she said.

Police say they're already stepping up patrol as part of the investigation.