Plows clear heavy wet snow from roadways

Friday morning began with light and fluffy snow but has since developed into heavier, wetter snow.

The snow began to collect on the roads so as the morning commute picked up conditions worsened and made for a slick and messy drive.

Crews were out all morning and throughout the overnight hours making sure the roads were in drive-able condition.

News 10 spoke earlier with the city of Lansing's Public Service Director who told us today will be busier than ever.

"We always hit the major streets first and the state truck lines that we are responsible for. Then depending on the snow storm, then we'll move into the local streets. We salt on the major streets and generally we just plow in the local streets," said Andy Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick said as long as there is more than four inches of snow on the ground they will be plowing local streets. Otherwise the city will just focus on major streets, bus routes and areas with hills.