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Plans for new upscale apartments, retail space in Downtown Jackson

Posted at 10:19 AM, Sep 18, 2018

Business owners on the 200 block of North Jackson Street told Cryss Walker they’re excited about the news, with hopes that a new project will bring more foot traffic and business downtown.

“There's a lot of things going on in Downtown Jackson that a lot of people don't know about”, said Sally Krischbaum, owner of Gilbert’s Chocolates.

“So, it would be nice to have everybody downtown to begin with.”

City officials say plans are in the works to construct a new apartment building on Jackson Street between Pearl and Louis Glick.

“It's helping all the property values”, said George Webster, owner of P&T Fitness.

“We own our building and our business, so anything that's happening like this will definitely improve that.”

Monday the City of Jackson wrote in a press release that the empty lot will be transformed into a mix-use contemporary building called The 200, with 82 upscale apartments and retail space.

“The green space is pretty but uh we're looking forward to having new neighbors and having more people downtown”, said Krischbaum.

“This is supposed to be a really nice apartment building coming along so we're excited about it.”

While a number of business owners are looking forward to the project, some residents say they're not happy about the development.

They say high rent in the area is pushing old residents out and gentrifying downtown.

“If it's too high I mean, you it's going to hurt a lot of people”, said life-long Jackson resident Edward Homminga.

“I mean everybody's the same but the pay checks are different.”

City officials say construction on The 200 is expected to start next April, with leasing beginning in December of 2019.

City leaders say the project is a part of a $13 million investment in Jackson.

The 200 is billed as being a premier commercial and residential property.