Michigan's groundhog gets in on SB fun

Posted at 8:50 AM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 08:51:44-05

The Super Bowl wasn't just about touchdowns and tackles. Folks are also waking up this morning talking about the commercials.

A group of Michigan State University Communications Professors and students gather every year to rate the commercials. This year, they think Toyota came out with the best ad.

In the commercial for the Prius, a team of bank robbers use the car to escape from police.

Advertising faculty say the exciting car chase, featuring twists and turns and four men in the car, set it apart.

Yearly favorite Doritos took second place, with an ad featuring a baby that wanted his dad's snack. The MSU experts thought that one was pretty funny.

They also liked the Honda Ridgeline commercial with the flock of singing sheep.

"For most people it's just fun," says advertising instructor Robert Kolt, "but we want to make sure that this is a social science."

Michigan's official groundhog Woody also got in on the Super Bowl action. She predicted who would win the big game, and she was right.

"There's a paper that says Denver and there's a paper that says Carolina," says the Howell Nature Center's Executive Director Dick Grant, "and we put her favorite snacks on to both so whichever one she goes to is the one that she picked, and there was no hesitation this year, she went right to Denver."

Whether it's singing sheep or even a groundhog, there's a lot to chuckle about when it comes to the Super Bowl.