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People from two states gather to support family of drowning victim

Posted: 9:00 AM, Jul 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-12 13:00:52Z

A community here in mid-Michigan is working to help support total strangers after the death of a 14-year-old boy.

Keagon Rouser drowned in a private pond in Eaton County last week. FOX 47's Marcus Dash has the story of the people of Springport coming to pay their respects.

Rouser and his mother Marlena Parker were visiting from North Carolina to bury her father. Three days later she got a call saying her son drowned. Today she said nothing will ever be the same.

"I'm never going to be the same again, ever," said Marlena Parker.

The Springport community came out in bunches to show Parker that they all support her during this rough time. The funeral service was taken care of by the Vickers Springport Funeral home.

Village manager Jennifer Naylor says this was one of the many ways the community has rallied during this tragic time.

"We've had neighbors bring them food, to take care of the family, this is an amazing community that any time anybody needs anything, people just come together," said Jennifer Naylor.

Close family friend of rouser Jeremiah Newsome says it's evident that in Keagon's short life he left a mark in so many people's lives, that people have traveled all the way from North Carolina to pay their respects.

"Two communities, hundreds of miles apart that have come together, because of this young man, who meant so much to so many people," said Jeremiah Newsome.

Amiyaa Newborn was one of Rouser's classmates that came to say her goodbyes. She said his ability to put a smile on her face was like none other.

"Me and him were very close friends, he was a very special, and a great friend to have, he will be missed lots," said Amiyaa Newborn.

Parker wants her son to be remembered as a selfless caring individual

"He gave a kid pair of shoes right off his feet because he didn't have any, he would keep extra lunch money in his account for kids who didn't have any"

Paker told Marcus Dash her son was a momma's boy and she intends to keep him close when she takes his ashes with her back to North Carolina.

Instead of flowers, the family is asking people to send donations to the Vickers Springport Funeral Home to help Parker with her expenses and her return to North Carolina.