Park Forest Apt. tenants suffering with no A.C.

Posted at 7:24 PM, Jul 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-20 07:30:07-04

"Air will come out of the vent, but it's definitely not cool air. It's not air that would cool down a building," Brandie Marks explained.

She's turned to fans and a portable A.C. unit to cool down her Mom's apartment.

"We hooked that up this morning and it's made a wonder of difference here for my mother. But, there's a lot of people up here who don't have any family at all," she said. "And, these people who are residents are also on fixed incomes."

Marks's biggest concern is people like the 96-year-old woman down the hall on a breathing machine.

She didn't want us to identify her, but told Fox 47 News it hasn't been pleasant.

"It's hot in here!" she said. "If I didn't have that fan and I've got a fan in the bedroom, I couldn't stand it."

Many residents also told us they've not only had issues with the air conditioning, but also the heat and plumbing on and off for the past four years.

"They expect us to keep our apartments neat and do things like that and they don't keep the maintenance part of the stuff up," tenant Marsha Lloyd said. "Most of us can't afford to leave and they know it."

The Department of Housing and Urban Development said it's aware of the issue and is working with local management.

As of today, 35 portable air conditioning units have been ordered. They're being installed as they arrive.

Until then, Marks wants management to step up.

"Let's get some information out here to the residents, to the families of the residents," she said. "Let them know what the warning signs of dehydration are, heat exhaustion, what are some ways that you can keep cool."

Because the summer heat isn't going anywhere.

First Housing Corporation owns Park Forest Apartments. The Executive Vice President told us they've only had a couple of calls complaining about the heat.

And, he's asking tenants to fill out a maintenance request from the front office, if they want someone to come check out their unit.