Parents want answers after school fights

Posted at 10:54 PM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 08:37:46-04

FOX 47 News' Alani Letang spoke with a parent about what she hopes to get out of the meeting with school officials. 

Parents want answers and to clear up some of the stories that are going around about that fight.
FOX 47 News caught up with one parent who is just hoping to get some facts.

That's what she told FOX 47 News just moments before school security kicked us off the property.

"I feel that by you not letting me talk with her right not. I feel that Lansing school district is covering something up, I do feel that way" said Michelle Huhn, parent, when a public safety officer was kicking off FOX 47 News from the property.

FOX 47 News learned about a meeting scheduled for Thursday, that will give more details about a fight at the school Tuesday morning.

FOX 47 News showed you a video where dozens of students fighting. Parents told us they saw police wrapped around the school and several students being handcuffed.

"The students pass on information that might not be correct so I want to know what the truth is," said Huhn.

Lansing school district confirms around 20 students were fighting over five separate incidents from the start of school until almost 11 am.

The school district told us the school was never placed on lockdown and students were not asked to leave.

"What we did do is place the school in "secured in place." And what that meant is we limited access to the school we cleared the halls with the help of Lansing Police Department who were very helpful in the situation. and any student that wanted to use the restroom or office, they needed an adult escort. and that's called operation transport," said Mark Coscarella-Lansing Public Schools Deputy Superintendent

The cause of the fights are still under investigation, but the district believes they know what triggered it.

"Rumor has it sadly, that there was some pre-meditation with this. And that one of the social media sites that there was actually challenging maybe with other high schools about who could have the most fights," said Coscarella.

The district says they hope they can move forward from this incident and encourage students to speak up to prevent this from happening again.

Four students were arrested after the fight, three are being tried as juveniles and one as an adult.

We'll keep you updated.