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Parents say walk from school isn't safe

Posted at 8:21 AM, Dec 12, 2018

The walk home from school should be a safe one, but some parents whose kids go to Holt’s Hope Middle School say that's not the case.

Their kids have to walk three-quarters of a mile up Park Lane and then cross Keller Road to get home to the Old Orchard Apartments. Keller has no crosswalk or crossing guard.

"There’s no reason why a child in the 5th or 6th grade should have to walk home. One, there's two busy roads, and two there's a lot of traffic due to the fact that all these students are leaving from the same area in another elementary school and hundreds of cars are coming down these areas."

The district doesn't have a bus stop near those apartments for Hope students.

But there is a bus that runs from nearby Elliot Elementary School to the apartments.

The district declined to talk on camera, but told News Ten Old Orchard Apartments are within the walking distance of one and a half miles of Hope Middle School.

But the walk becomes much more complicated in the snow.

"This is Michigan. If we have two to three feet of snow on the ground, that's not fair to these kids at all. We had a student about a year ago who was walking home from the middle school all the way here, and she was bundled up, but still cold and sniffling and stuff like that."

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