Parents frustrated after school lockdown

The lockdown at holt high school went into effect around 9:00 this morning. That's when social media went crazy, kids started texting parents about the lockdown, but no other information was released... leaving parents in the dark.

"We didn't really know what the threat was, we didn't know if it was something going on inside the school if it was a bomb threat like they said," said Erzen.

Holt parent, Sara Erzen is not alone. She says the schools should always keep parents in the loop.

"It would set a lot of people at ease just having to find out about it first rather than reading about it and getting assurance from another school system," said Erzen.

The lockdown went into effect after Ingham County Sheriff's department was notified that a threat was written into the grout of the wall stating quote "I will bomb the school at 11:06 Tuesday the 13th- Jesus." 
Several police agencies, along with bomb-sniffing dogs searched the school for almost three hours.
Holt school Superintendent David Hornak says the students' safety was the top priority.

"It is safety first communication second and through and through we are going to continue to keep all of our kids and stakeholders safe," said Hornak.

Students from several other schools were at Holt during that time for a choir festival. Many of those school districts like Grand Ledge, Olivet, Haslett, and Mason did inform parents with emails and texts as soon as it went into lockdown, but not Holt. Parents are asking why? Hornak explains.

"If you communicate too early we potentially create some chaos, in this particular case shelter in place was the best decision we could have made," said Hornak.

Holt parents did receive a call once the school was all clear around noon. The bomb threat remains under investigation, anyone with information is encouraged to call the police.