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Parents bring children to attend day 3 of protests in downtown Grand Rapids

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Posted at 9:54 AM, Apr 16, 2022

Friday night, more than 100 protestors were peaceful as they marched what appeared to be randomly through the city.

Several times they stopped traffic, including in front of the Van Andel Arena.

During those times, they expressed their frustrations about how Lyoya was killed.

One woman from Kentucky questioned how she could be peaceful when this keeps happening.

As officers sat in the garage, she said that right in front of the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Organizers then told her she must remain peaceful.

That's what's been happening at these marches, remaining peaceful.

A couple of mothers say this is important for their children to see.

"Beccause I want them to know that their voice matters. I want them to know they are important and do matter and how they feel matter. If you make enough noise, they will listen. So, I want them to come and learn to make their voice be heard," Tiffany Parnell said.

Trying to explain isn't hard. Because we have seen it happen over and over. So, it's very easy to let her know it happened again," Meme Mosley said.

Officials have told us the officer who killed Lyoya won't be named unless charges are filed.

That won't happen until Michigan State Police wraps up its investigation.

We don't have a timeline of when that will happen.

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