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Paczki Fun Facts

Paczki Fun Facts
Posted at 2:11 PM, Feb 13, 2018

Paczki are a traditionally Polish treat, initially created to use all the fruit, sugar lard and eggs before the beginning of lent and fasting.

Paczki (punch-key) is the plural form of Paczek (pohn-check).

QD carries 12 flavors: Raspberry, Custard, Cream Cheese, Strawberry, Blueberry Crème, Apple, Banana, Chocolate, Lemon, Cherry and the traditional flavor of Prune.

QD sold more than 183,000 paczki in 2017, Laid end to end, they'd stretch over 11 miles - the distance from QD's store at 400 S. Pennsylvania to their Grand Ledge location.

This year's expected production will reach a half-marathon length of paczki - nearly 13 miles.