Organization prepares to do random acts of kindness all week in Lansing

Posted: 7:04 AM, Sep 06, 2016
Updated: 2016-09-06 11:48:35Z

Remember these faces - these people might buy you your cup of coffee on Tuesday.

"No one expects dramatic acts of kindness," Zac Lovelight, who runs the kids' program at City Life Lansing, said. That organization has only been around for a year (it's celebrating its first anniversary on Sunday), but it's already donating the $23,000 it raised last month to people and families throughout the city.

"We're so excited to take love to people. Too often times we just see things that might be broken or hurt, and we don't really dive in, but we believe love runs to and seeks the benefit of people, so this week we're doing a thing called love the city," Jerome Vierling said, he's a Team Leader at City Life.

It's not just free coffee. City Life is bringing thank you gifts to police and firefighters, helping schools and fire stations with gardening, and delivering free groceries to homes throughout Lansing.

"At first it can seem like, 'Oh, this can only feed someone for a week or two, but I think just planting that small seed of hope and life into the city, it's just a small way to say, 'Hey, we care, we know times are hard, but we want to be there to help.'" City Life Music Director Rob Gilreath said.

City Life is not just hoping to inspire hope, it wants to lead people to pay this kindness forward. "It will make them question a lot of things about their life. Like wow, is it normal to be this nice, is it normal to love people like this? I think that's the impact we're going to have," Lovelight said.

The week culminates in a celebration of the organizations first birthday, a service followed by games, food, and more on Sunday. Details are on the groups Facebook and more information about City Life can be found at

"We really do want to love, not just for a week, but for the whole year, and this is just a small start," Gilreath said.