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Officers step up patrols over holiday weekend

Posted at 8:28 AM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 09:38:59-04

For some folks, Labor Day weekend is that chance to spend time with family or visit their favorite vacation spot.

And with so many people traveling over the course of the next three days Labor Day weekend has been named one of the deadliest weekends in the past.

That's why police departments, sheriff's offices and the Michigan State Police are teaming up with the office of highway safety planning to get drunk drivers off the roads.

Officials will be enforcing the drive sober or get pulled over campaign during the holiday weekend.

Last Labor Day weekend 15 people died in traffic crashes with over a quarter of them being due to drinking and driving.

In total last year 359 people died in alcohol-involved crashes.

Michigan State Police told News 10 that they are doing everything they can to bring those numbers down.

"Any time that we have an increase in something, especially with impaired driving or traffic deaths, we do step up in order to try to bring that number down."

In Michigan it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher, however, anyone can be arrested at any BAC level if the officer believes the driver is not sober enough to drive.

As a reminder, here's some advice on driving safe:
- avoid driving during rush hour if at all possible especially when you are going through big cities
- stay alert and avoid distractions like checking your phone or texting
- don't drive drowsy
- drinking cold water and keeping the vehicle cool can help drivers stay alert
- when you're near a semi-truck, remember, if you can't see the driver in the mirror, then they can't see you and always pass them on the left.