Officers involved in shooting return to work

Posted: 8:11 AM, Dec 29, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-29 08:11:29-05

Nine of the twelve Lansing Police officers put on administrative leave return to work Monday.

Three of them will remain on administrative leave according to Lansing Police because of their level of involvement in the critical incident.

Sergeant Kevin Schlagel, 12-year veteran, Officer Walter Kim, 17-year veteran and Officer Ryan Hackenberg, 2-year veteran, will remain on administrative leave until further notice.

12 officers were involved in a shooting that left 24 year old Terrozza Tyree Griffin dead on Christmas eve.

Lansing Police said witnesses saw the 24-year-old Lansing man, who was on probation, illegally enter the home on Selfridge Rd. Thursday night.

"Officers were able to establish communication with that subject inside the residence both through a PA system and through a telephone interaction," Lansing Police Chief Mike Yankowski explained.

The conversation lasted nearly two hours.

Around 9:45 p.m., the Chief said officers saw a fire inside the home, so they entered and that's when Griffin shot at them.

The Chief explained, "Those officers that were in the line of fire, quickly retreated from their position to a place of cover and concealment, which at that time the accused subject exited the residence and challenged the officers with a firearm, which resulted in several police officers discharging their firearm at the subject, striking him."

Of the other nine officers involved, five officers and one sergeant will return to full duty, and three will move to administrative duty.

Michigan State Police is handling the investigation. Lt. Sean Furlong told us that five detectives are on the case.