Odds Low, Frenzy High For Powerball

Posted at 11:05 AM, Jan 10, 2016

Everyone's playing their chances at the $900 million Powerball. Tickets are going so fast the machine at one party store couldn't handle it.

"So many people playing in the state of Michigan, our system got overloaded and we had to shut down for about 10 minutes" said Dany Hanosh, Capital Party Store owner.

Michigan lottery says before 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon lottery players had purchased 3.6 million tickets.

"This has just started off strong and has just been building all day through the day on Saturday. And we expect it's going to continue right up until that cut off" said Jeffrey Holyfield of Michigan Lottery.

Seeing how fast tickets are going is no surprise to Michigan Lottery, they expected it.

"Based on what we saw yesterday with players buying 4.6 million tickets, we knew Saturday would be another big day" said Holyfield. "You know nobody wants to be left out. Everybody wants to make sure they have a chance at that 900 million dollar jackpot."

A small chance is all players are hoping for.

"Everybody's gotta pick up and try to play once in a while. I mean you're not gonna win if you don't try" said Destiny Switzer.

"I haven't played in a long time and I'm just like you know what I'm gonna play and see how it rolls" said Kim Brill.

And the busy foot traffic is good for a new business like Hanoshi's.

"All new customers are coming in, playing the lottery. New faces are coming in" said Hanoshi. "Hopefully they come back repeat customers."

Even he couldn't resist buying a few tickets for himself.