Number of concealed weapons growing

Posted: 8:43 AM, Dec 02, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-02 08:43:56-05

Michigan's new law covering concealed-pistol licenses went into effect Tuesday. It dissolves county gun boards and puts county clerks in charge of processing applications.

The state police will take over background checks from sheriffs' offices. Gun rights groups say this will make the process quicker and more fair.

We asked Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth if he's concerned about the new system.

"Well, I'm concerned under the current system. You're always concerned about people with guns and the bad things that happen with guns and I think any law-enforcement officer that said they weren't concerned about it's lyin' to ya. Because we have to respond, we're the ones that have to clean up the mess, not the people that write the laws."

Wriggelsworth and many other sheriffs aren't crazy about the growing number of people with concealed-carry licenses. But Detroit police Chief James Craig is a fan.

He told the Detroit News "the same rules apply to terrorists as they do to some gun-toting thug... If you're a terrorist or a carjacker you want unarmed citizens."

State police records show more than 30,000 Detroiters are legal gun owners.