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New park brings hefty price tag

New park brings hefty price tag
Posted at 8:35 AM, Dec 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-11 08:35:11-05

City leaders were at the Southside Community Coalition Monday.

That's were they plan to build a park that includes a playground and a walking trail.

Right now, the area is grass fields and muddy tracks.

"These were abandoned blighted properties that now we are turning into great things here at this corner for everyone to use," said Brett Kaschinske with the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department.

Several organizations are pitching in to help cover the $350,000 cost.

"This is a wonderful addition to this part of the city. It's been a long time coming, there are a lot of different organizations and people that have been a part of making this happen," said David Wiener with the coalition.

Now the city is asking the community to help pitch in with a crowdfunding campaign.

They want to raise $50,000.

If that money is raised, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will match it dollar for dollar.

"All of this is open to the community and it's being built by and conceived of by the community. So it's a very exciting thing for all of us," said Wiener.

The city says it has to use crowdfunding for the last $50,000 in order to get the matching grant from MEDC.

The city is kicking in $150,000 from its parks millage.

Another $180,000 is coming from donors like The Kiwanis Club and Jackson National.

The city is hoping to get construction started next spring.