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New MSU moped parking regulations set for next school year

Posted: 8:47 AM, Mar 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-14 13:24:10Z

Moped riders will no longer be able to park at campus bike racks under new regulations from the Michigan State University Police Department.

Starting August 1, 2018, mopeds must be parked at designated spaces on campus.

The MSU Police Department says the new regulations were put in place to create a safer environment for students.

“By not allowing mopeds to be parked at the bike racks it removes the action of driving on the sidewalk, which is not only a moving violation, but it creates a hazardous situation for pedestrians and the moped operator," says Lt. Dan Munford.

To be legally parked in the designated moped areas, drivers must purchase a yearly $50 permit.