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New details on adult care suspension

Posted: 9:32 PM, Aug 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-22 11:59:01Z

We have new details into the suspended licensee of an adult care facility.

It's a story we first brought you Monday night on FOX 47 News.

One local family who had a loved one in the home is speaking out.

Brenda Bobier fought for months to get her mother out of that assisted living adult foster care in Bellevue, MI. 

Brenda claims her mother was over-prescribed medication, not fed properly, and at times says her mother was not allowed to talk or see her family.

"It hurt me very much it's still hurting me to this very day," Brenda Bobier, daughter of a former assisted living resident.

Brenda's sister placed their mother in the assistant living west drive north group home in April 2016.
Brenda lives in Florida and didn't visit her mother in the facility until December 2016, and she didn't like what she saw.

Brenda told FOX 47 News' Alani Letang a doctor over-prescribed her mother Xanax. she claims her mother lost weight and was so doped up she couldn't hold a conversation.

"As soon as I got her I put her in Sparrow to detox off these pills," said Brenda.

Brenda also backed up what we found in the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) report about prescription pills left lying around the facility.

"There were drugs left on the counters for any of the people to come and take, you know the people were walking around doing whatever," said Brenda.

She claims the owner, Bobbi Greenwood-Easter tried to control her mother's finances by charger her for what she feels were unnecessary psychiatrist visits.

The LARA investigation report states Brenda's mother wasn't the only one. It states Greenwood-Easter obtained power of attorney over another resident and got a $33,263 car loan in that person's name.

"I was not surprised that she got some kind of power over somebody and did what she did in buying the vehicle in their name, without their knowledge."

Brenda hired a lawyer to get her mom out of the group home and moved her down to Florida.

Brenda said, "once I saw what was going on there, for two months I was a bundle of nerves, knowing my mom was still there."

Letang reached out to the owner, Greenwood-Easter multiple times on Tuesday for a comment.

Letang even stopped by the business, and before getting kicked off the property, was told that Greenwood-Easter is meeting with lawyers and she will have a press conference to clear up what she claims are false allegations. No other details were provided.

We will have an update when she holds the press conference.

An order of summary suspension is a temporary measure that requires the licensee to notify guardians. 
LARA then works with adult protective services to relocate the residents to another facility.