New commission enacted to help secure Michigan's future success

Posted at 3:29 PM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-16 15:29:43-04

Leveraging the state’s strengths and encouraging development is the main goal for a new commission that was created today.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed an executive order for the Building the 21st Century Economy Commission, which will consist of 23 members.

The commission will set goals and establish metrics to measure Michigan’s economic success, identify potential for new industry in the state, develop strategies to support the existing industries and make recommendations to distinguish Michigan as a center for innovation.

They will also set priorities for the next 20 years and identify short and long-term goals for the economic future of the state. It will build off the work of the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission and the 21st Century Education Commission that were created earlier this year.

“Michigan has made great strides in economic prosperity and job growth, but we can never become complacent,” said Snyder in a release. “We must focus on the future to set Michigan up for success in the 21st Century economy. This commission will help us get there as it works to establish a strategy for growth that will help new and existing industries thrive in our state.”

As an advisory board, the commission was advised to have the work completed and provide a final report to the governor with recommendations and findings by June 30, 2017.