Neighbors tired of mobile home park mess

Posted at 7:33 PM, Feb 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-13 07:20:01-05

It's been nearly three years since everyone was forced out of the Life O Riley mobile home park and even though Lansing has control of the property, neighbors are stuck looking at an eyesore every day.

From fallen trees to boards hanging from windows and even broken glass, it’s all things making up the eye sore that's become the mobile home park.

“I spend all my time in the backyard just really try not to look at it ,” said Brad Willette, a homeowner living next door to the mobile home park.

Before moving in next door in august 2016, Willette checked with the City of Lansing on its efforts to clean up.

“We were told everything was going to move quickly and we should see some action by the fall,” said Willette. “Honestly I haven't seen anything from maintenance, all the way to actually doing anything.”

Comparing our video from back in of January 2016 to now, it seems to back up that fact.

As time progresses, safety is becoming an even bigger concern among neighbors.

“I have two small kids and I worry about my kids going over there,” said Willette. “There is nothing to stop them from doing that on this side and there is nothing to stop anybody from doing whatever they want.”

After first surveying the property and buildings for hazardous materials, the city says it's now waiting on a judge to decide whether it can start demolition.

For now neighbors are left watching and waiting.

“Worst case scenario if I have to put up a fence, that’s what I’m going to do,” said Willette.

On January 18, a judge postponed a decision to allow the city to move forward in the cleanup process.

Another hearing is scheduled for February 22nd In Ingham County Circuit Court.