Neighbors complain about pot shops

Posted at 6:36 PM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-01 07:15:21-04

Lansing has been trying to regulate medical marijuana for years, but Matthew Lenhard says the city isn't moving fast enough.

"They're right on the corners, corner of the streets. They pop up every where, empty gas stations, empty buildings, it doesn't matter they go in there do a little fixing" Lenhard says.

Lenhard lives across the street from a dispensary and says since the shop opened people have been moving out.

"It's just not fair to the people who have lived there, they allow these to come into neighborhoods where established families, residences and allow people to grow and ruin the neighborhood" Lenhard said.

Mary Ann Prince would like all of the dispensaries in the city to be shut down but realizes that's probably not going to happen.

That's why her group, "Rejuvenate South Lansing" has been working to get the city to enforce an ordinance already on the books.

"In 2011 the city council passed an ordinance for medical marijuana establishments which will help regulate them and have some rules and control," Prince said. "This was never allowed to be put into action."

That ordinance can't be enforced because the state Supreme Court ruled medical marijuana dispensaries are illegal under state law.

The committee on public health looked at a new proposal from the city attorney's office during Thursday's meeting. It would regulate dispensaries.

"So this is where we are now, is to try to create a vehicle that allows medical marijuana patients to be able to obtain a safe drug and a controlled substance"said Council member Carol Wood.

But 's not clear why this ordinance would be enforceable when the previous version wasn't.

Councilmember Wood said don't expect anything to happen immediately.

The Committee on Public Safety's next meeting is April 15.