Neighborhood concerned about family after murder suicide

Posted at 7:31 PM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 19:31:53-04

Police were called to a home on Truman Circle around one A.M. Friday morning by an anonymous caller.

"It came from family or friends of one of the victims," explains Lansing police chief Mike Yankowski, "that they were concerned on the welfare of one or both of the parties."

There, police forced their way in and found the three bodies.

"This is very heartbreaking, and shocking, and it's devastating to the neighbors, and all of us in the community," says a neighbor, who asked to be called only Karen.

Karen has known Latoy Tate, one of the victims, and her family for years:

"I know the family. They have three amazing kids."

Those kids, who are safe with Tate's family, are what she's the most worried about after their parents' deaths.

"I'm feeling very emotional because... every day I see those kids," Karen explains. "I didn't see them yesterday and I'm thankful that they weren't there."

Tate and Zazier Dean were shot and killed by Marcus Osby before he killed himself. Osby and Tate have two children together.

Dozens of family members were gathered outside the home all Friday morning, into the afternoon, from each of the families, which was encouraging to see for Karen.

"It shows that the family was very loved, and that they have huge support."

Dan Currie, who lives next door, says it's something he never expected to happen in his neighborhood:

"It's a bit unreal," Currie describes. "I didn't know the people that lived there very well at all, I didn't see them very much, but just to have it happen right next door, is something you don't ever think is going to happen to you."

Karen agrees, and she says she hopes the neighborhood, and her own kids, can recover from the loss soon.