Neighborhood complains of trash

Posted at 6:11 PM, Feb 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 08:42:27-05

"It's very gross," says Debbie Collett, about the trash that keeps blowing into her yard.

She and her neighbor, Shirley Torbet have had enough.

"We're tired of having to clean it all up all the time," Torbet said Tuesday.

They live in the neighborhood behind Happy's Pizza at Cedar Street and Miller Road in Lansing, where the dumpsters are overflowing, and trash is moving in.

There's everything from empty bottles to empty chip bags that pile up against the fences, and make the neighborhood behind them stink.

"I'm kind of embarrassed," Collett said. "It's not inviting if someone wants to sell their property, or if you have visitors."

But after high winds and a winter storm on the way, she's worried it will only get worse.

Councilwoman Carol Wood says the city just hired more code officers to find messes like these, and she wants to see them do a better job of communicating.

"Can we do a better job sometimes of reaching out to the public and letting them know we got it, we heard it, we're working on it? Yes," Wood said.

The owner of Happy's Pizza tells us the problem is a construction dumpster that blocks the garbage truck from getting to his dumpster. He also says his staff stopped putting trash in the dumpster because strong winds broke the top, but didn't explain why.

By Tuesday afternoon, the garbage was back in the dumpster. The owner of Happy's says he's getting a new dumpster, and the staff will make sure the trash stays inside it.

But Shirley Torbet thinks it's more than just one dumpster, it's a lack of investment in Lansing's south side.

"South side does not get a penny," Torbet said. "We can't even get them to come out and pick up the trash. And we're tired of it."