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Murder charges expected Friday in Warren high school stabbing death

Posted at 6:02 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-13 23:12:47-04

Warren Police tells FOX 47 News that the 17-year-old honor student arrested for murder at Fitzgerald High School has made some admissions before lawyering up.  

She is expected to be arraigned in front of a Judge on Friday.  The motive of the stabbing, a dispute over a boyfriend according to police, family, and friends. 

School was closed a second day on Thursday. 

Hundreds of students turned out for a vigil at the football field for 16-year-old Danyna Gibson. 

She was also an honor student who was stabbed twice in the chest with a steak knife during class Wednesday morning.  

Her father Preston Gibson wants justice for his daughter.  He was among those at the vigil.  

Katerina Burns is Gibson’s cousin, who says she’d like to talk with the accused killer.

“Probably try to talk with her to see how did the whole situation happen. And why did you think it was okay to bring a knife to school,” she said. 

Orion Taylor was inside the classroom during the stabbing.  He says there was no heated exchange, no argument before it happened.  

“No arguing, no dialogue it just happened,” he said. 

Ethan Holley was in band with the boyfriend in the case.  

He describes him as “a nice kid. Quiet. Funny when he needs to be.”  

He also says when police questioned him in school yesterday, “The way he answered questions was professional. He didn’t let his emotions take over.”

The big high school family included past graduates who came to pay their respects, including Davina Draughn who just had a son born.  

She’s having a tough time coming to grips with the new sad reality at her high school. 

“I couldn’t see myself sending my son to school and him not coming home," she says.