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MSU Trustee says more happening at MSU than 'Nassar thing'

Posted: 3:01 PM, Jan 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-24 10:00:25-05

As the calls for MSU President Lou Anna Simon grow louder, MSU Trustee Joel Ferguson says there's more going on at the school than the "Nassar thing."

"The Meeting we had the other day was five hours. Talking about Lou Anna was ten minutes", Ferguson told Tim Staudt in a radio interview on WVFN-AM.

Overall, Ferguson said Simon has done a good job President. In his 30 years on the board of trustees, Ferguson says Simon is the best president he's seen.

"When you go to the basketball game and you walk in the Breslin Center, the person who hustled and got all those major donors to give money, it was Lou Anna Simon."

More than 140 women are part of a civil lawsuit against MSU, claiming the school failed to protect the victims.

When asked how he thought the situation would play out long term, Ferguson said "I think the young ladies who've been wronged by this person.... you can never abuse money to make over people's pain and suffering... but there's gonna be something happening in their favor."

Several leaders in the state legislature, along with the Lansing State Journal, MSU's student paper, and Trustee Mitch Lyons have called on Simon to step down.

"That will not happen. Perioid", said Ferguson. "She's a fighter, and overall, what she's done for this university, she's not going to get ran out by what someone else did."