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MSU students demanding changes

Posted at 8:35 AM, Jan 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-26 08:35:21-05

President Lou Anna K Simon's resignation has not stopped students from demanding more change from Michigan State University. FOX 47's Alani Letang talked with students Thursday about what they now want out of their university.

On Wednesday the rock read, "time's up Lou Anna K Simon." Thursday it read, "Thank You" to the 150 plus survivors who came forward in the Larry Nassar case over this past week and a half. Students told Letang they want for the list to have never existed in the first place, and that starts with marching for their demands.

MSU student Aubrey Haase plans to march because, "Michigan State students are very empowered, and they're able to do anything they set their minds to. They're able to step up and make the adults realize that they're doing something wrong, it makes us better students it makes it more of a community."

A community that is ready to talk openly about sexual assault. Students said the campus sexual assault problem is long overdue for that discussion and that starts with Friday's protest.

Abby Browning is another student who plans to march on Friday, she said sexual assault might be "uncomfortable but it needs to be talked about, It should've been done a long time ago, this shouldn't even be a thing but now that its open I think it's the best thing to happen."

And students can thank their peers for this happening. Siaira Milroy and a group of students said this Nassar scandal did not start or stop with President Simon. Milroy has a list of six steps that she would like to happen next, starting with the resignation of trustee Joel Ferguson.

"The second thing we think is there needs to be an immediate statement that reflects the board and the future president's actions and changes that need to be done in order for the sexual assault to be taken more seriously," said Milroy, MSU protest organizer.

The next step Milroy and her fellow classmates are also calling for more transparency. She would like students to be in the loop about the investigations pending into MSU. Another "vital" step that needs to take place, Milroy told us, is the resignation of any trustee who disagrees with the steps that are derived from the Larry Nassar case.

"We're just very upset with MSU and think that a lot more actions need to be taken and there needs to be a change so that survivors will be heard, and there will be more listening to them and not perpetrators.

When it comes to a new president, students told FOX 47 they want someone that will choose them above all else. "Not make it about the money, about the student, the student's safety," said Haase.

"This was a huge blemish on not only Simon but the university's reputation as a whole," said Steve Trosell, MSU protest organizer.

On Friday at 6 P.M organizers say they expected to have this area filled with hundreds of students passionate and ready for change at their school.

Students will walk from Farm Lane to Grand River Ave, and loop around to the Hannah Administration Building.