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MSU Students and staff protest during the "March On Hannah"

Posted at 3:25 PM, Feb 06, 2018

Demonstrators at the "March on Hannah" dropped off a list of demands Tuesday morning to the Hannah administration building that included the resignation of the MSU Board of Trustees and the Interim President, John Engler.

MSU faculty, staff, and students were not planning on waiting to call on the MSU Board of Trustees and Interim President Engler to resign, they planned on marching across campus to get their voices heard.

The faculty of MSU's College of Education organized the "March on Hannah" that took place at ten o'clock Tuesday morning.

Protesters met at Erickson Hall and walked to the Hannah Administration Building to demand the resignation of Interim President Engler and the Board of Trustees.

Walkers carried signs and even chanted "Engler Out."

There wasn't any disturbance and no one was arrested.