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MSU Senate faculty, students react to Simon charges

Posted at 7:18 AM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 07:18:56-05

Members of the MSU community are speaking out about the criminal charges filed against their former president, Lou Anna Simon.

The MSU faculty Senate met Tuesday afternoon, but the former president's legal troubles was not a topic of discussion until Professor Andaluna Borcila brought up the elephant in the room.

“Talking about what's going on in our institution is the only thing that can push us forward so, yes, that's why I brought it up in a meeting today,” Borcila said.

General Assembly Representative Maysa Sitar told News 10 that although it's uncomfortable to hear that your former university president is being charged with a felony, now is not the time to turn a blind eye.

“I was very concerned that the chairs of the meeting did not bring it up in their report; I expected them to. I think they should have addressed it and they completely ignored it,” Sitar said.

Cryss Walker asked chair members about their reaction to the charges.

They said they had not gotten an opportunity to read the allegations.

The Attorney General's Office on Tuesday charged Simon with lying to a peace officer in a violent crime investigation, which carries a four-year prison sentence.

Simon was also charged with two misdemeanors.

FOX 47 News also reached out to each member on the MSU Board of Trustees asking for a statement about the charges.

Brian Mosallam sent a reply saying he has "no comment."

We’re still waiting to hear back from the rest of the board.

Simon is scheduled to be arraigned in Eaton County on Monday.