MSU Police using new shooting simulator

Posted at 7:00 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 08:57:47-05

In a split second anything can happen and Michigan State University police are training for that unknown.

MSU is the only department in the state using a firearm simulator as part of its training.

"This will help the officers as far as making decisions and the appropriate response" said Captain Doug Monete of MSU.

Officers step in the center of five screens and are given little detail on the situation and only have minutes to resolve it.

"Going through these scenarios they're getting the opportunity to see some different things and apply our use of force policy and how we should respond onto different types of situations and calls" said Captain Monette.

The training is less about force but more on how officers interact with people.

"Sir, could you come over here and talk to me" says Officer Dan Childs as he is going through the simulator. During this session, he had to calm down an angry man at a hospital.

If Lt. Matt Meroney does not think officers are in control of a situation, he can turn things up.

"Sir, calm down don't come towards me, you're gonna get sprayed sir" said Officer Childs.

Lt. Meroney sits and watches officers train and depending on how he thinks they are handling the situation; the different the outcomes can be.

"If they're yelling at you, they think they have control of the situation, the officer needs to take control of the situation and calm them down" said Lt. Meroney.

He says the most important thing an officer can do is be in charge and take control.

"It's a split second decision where if you wait a split second it could cost somebody's life" said Meroney.

The department says the new tool will not only keep them safe but also the community.

"You know our goal is to keep our community safe and this is a tool we can use to educate our officers and continue to train on the foundations that we talk about" said Captain Monette.