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MSU grad competes on Jeopardy

Posted at 8:51 AM, May 23, 2018

How many of you have shouted out answers at your tv while watching Jeopardy?

Well, a Michigan State University medical school graduate got to do just that, as a contestant on the popular game show.  He spoke with FOX 47 about how the experience is much different from your living room

"It's very surreal it's almost like nothing like watching the show on TV," said Andrew Lai, Jeopardy contestant. He added, "actually seeing the live audience and seeing Alex there, it just really completes the experience."

28-year old Andrew Lai has been a Jeopardy fan for years, even competing in trivia since he was in High School.

Lai said, "just always been a passion of mine. I always go to Crunchies every Tuesday up in East Lansing we do a team trivia with the other medical students."

Landing on Jeopardy took more than a few rounds at Crunchies, Lai said first you take an online test, provided by Jeopardy.

"50 questions you have 12 seconds to answer each question, a whole multitude of topics," said Lai.

Assuming you pass, you are placed in a pool to be chosen to go to the audition stage.

Then hopefully moving forward to the general pool to be called to the show at any time.

"I would say it's been about six months. I was actually at Crunchies trivia that night when I got the call from LA saying congratulations Andrew you're going to be on Jeopardy," said Lai.

Andrew Lai's experience with Jeopardy's Alex Trebek goes all the way back from his humble beginnings in Canada, originally where Lai is from.

Lai said, "he had hosted two competitions that I was also apart of so that's my common link with Alex and that's what we talked about during my story time."

And a parting advice that lai has for those considering trying out for Jeopardy.

"Being able to answer quickly, intuitively, I think is what really distinguishes those winners from those that don't do as well."

Andrew Lai played Tuesday night and ended the game in third place.