Mother and stepfather 'relieved' after six-year-old found safe

After missing for two days, Juston Eidenier was found safe in Detroit.

Eidenier was abducted by his father, also named Juston Eidenier, on Thursday in Hillsdale County. Although Eidenier, Sr. had joint custody of his son, a recent arrest changed this, causing police to believe he was putting his child in danger.

"I'm just completely appalled," Emily Bartley, the victim's mother, said. "It's unbelievable. Really, it's like it could be a book. It's crazy."

According to the Hillsdale Daily News, Juston Eidenier, Sr. has a long criminal history. Back in 2016, he was arrested on a six-count felony warrant including charges of felony assault, felony firearm, domestic violence, unlawful imprisonment and aggravated stalking.

"I've lived with Mr. Eidenier, I know how he is. I've endured everything he has ever done to every woman he has ever been with. I've watched it," Bartley said.

Michael Allen, the victim's stepfather was also worried when he found out the news.

"Our hearts sunk to the deepest pit of our stomach," he said.

However, relief set in when the two found out Juston had been located at Little Ceasar's Arena in Detroit.

"I just was exuberant with excitement, you know? I got my little man back. You know, basically. I love him with all my heart, like he's my child," Allen said.

"A lot of relief, and just blowing up the CPS phone number," Bartley said.

Bartley told us that she doesn't have any ill-will towards the victim's father.

"I just want him to get some help," she said.

Juston Eidenier, Sr. is currently in police custody.