More refugees expected in Michigan this year

Posted at 8:53 AM, Mar 21, 2016

The number of refugees, looking to call Michigan home, is expected to jump this year.

According to a Detroit News report, the State will take in more than 5,000 refugees this year, the highest since 2002. Many of the refugees will be families fleeing from Syria.

Lansing and Dearborn are among the cities in Michigan who do welcome refugees. Last year, Lansing City Council Members, along with Mayor Virg Bernero, signed a pledge making Lansing a welcoming city for immigrants and refugees.

The surge in refugees comes even as U.S. intelligence warns, members of Isis posing as refugees, might try to attack on U.S. soil this year. But social service agencies, who help the refugees settle, say immigrants have to go through a rigorous vetting process by Federal Authorities. They say background checks for refugees from Syria and Iraq are even stricter.

Last November, Governor Snyder announced he was banning Syrian refugees temporarily from Michigan after attacks in Paris and Lebanon. However, states don't have the legal authority to block borders-- legal experts say the Federal Government has the power to place refugees anywhere in the country.