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Mid-Michigan woman says painters took money, left job unfinished

Posted at 10:08 AM, Aug 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-28 15:05:22-04

A Mid-Michigan woman recently hired professionals to paint her home. She says they took her money but didn’t finish the job.

Webberville resident Cathleen Foreman called Mutt and Jeff Painting LLC on Aug. 15 to help finish the paint job she and her 77-year-old father began on her house.

Foreman needed help with portions of the home that were hard to reach or were too high.

“It got a little out of control because it got so high and scary up there,” said Foreman. “I did not want my father up there and he didn't want me to be up there so we ended up hiring a little bit of help.”

After settling on a payment amount, Foreman paid a deposit and the work began.

Things then started to go south.

“They came here the next day and said they bidded the job wrong and they needed some money for some more paint,” said Foreman. “’I said I’ll go get the paint and they said no we’ve got good deals 
at our contacts and we'll go pick it up for you.”

When paying for additional supplies, Foreman had no idea she would never see the painter again.

“I reached out to each cell phone number. I’ve had no response,” said Foreman. “I’ve texted, no response, I’ve called Mutt and Jeff’s and I get the run around.”

FOX 47 reached out to Mutt and Jeff’s owner, Jordan Sparks, who says he provides the best service possible despite an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Sparks says Foreman is not a client of his, but says he did refer the job to another painter, from whom he collected no money.

Sparks says his company is just a referral service, but you won’t find that in his glowing mission statement online or the list of work the painting service provides.

Only fine print in the company’s contract clients sign reveal the company is only a referral service.

Attorney Thomas Rasmusson represents Sparks and issued this statement to FOX 47.

"I have just confirmed with Jordan Keep-Sparks (1) that the Williamston complainant was never a customer, (2) that person calling himself "Chance" is not associated with Mutt & Jeff Painting, (3) that the company took my advice and changed the model contract to state clearly that Mutt & Jeff is a referral service and (4) that the website is going to be changed accordingly. Any story linking "Chance" to Mutt & Jeff would be factually untrue."

Foreman has continued painting the outside of her home. All she is asking for is her money back.

“To have someone take you like that when you are just trying to get something small accomplished is very frustrating and it is actually hurtful,” said Foreman.

In all, Foreman says she is out $500.

As for Mutt and Jeff Painting, FOX 47 has learned the Better Business Bureau has at least 10 complaints about the company.

There is also no license listed under the business name or owner with the State of Michigan.

The Attorney General's office wants to remind you to do your research when it comes to hiring this type of work.

Make sure the business is licensed and look for recommendations from people you trust.

FOX 47 will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments.