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Micro-blading that put one local woman in the hospital

Posted: 1:26 PM, May 21, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-21 13:26:08-04
Micro-blading that put one local woman in the hospital

Women all over social media are showing off perfect brows from waxing, tweezing, threading and now eyebrow micro-blading.

A Michigan woman says eyebrow micro-blading landed her in the hospital for three days.

She is embarrassed of how she looks but wants others to know what happened to her.

When she first left the salon, her eyebrows looked just how she imagined - great and she was happy.

"Basically, it gives the appearance of hair on your eyebrows instead of regular tattooing," "This makes your eyebrows look like you actually have hair."

The tiny instrument draws on each individual hair. That pen has tiny needles and makes tiny cuts into the skin and allows the pigment to seep in.

But that changed quickly and the pain and swelling started to increase.

"Each day got a little more red, but I wasn't really too concerned. So, like, a few days after I noticed, they were starting to get, like, little lumps in it."

Jennifer said it continued to get worse.

"When they admitted me, they put me on an antibiotic and then, the next morning, they started me on steroids. I was terrified."

Not all micro-blading is dangerous. But it is important to do research on the place and the technician performing it first.

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