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MI DNR confirms multi-state issues with licensing software

Posted at 6:27 PM, Nov 14, 2020

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reports issues with the system used by multiple states for issuing hunting licenses.

Sovereign Sportsmen Solutions has been having issues Saturday according to the MIDNR, and some hunters may not have been able to buy a base license.

Hunters who could not get a legally issued tag for their deer should create a temporary tag and keep trying to buy a legal tag.

"Over the next several days, officers will take these circumstances into consideration while making contacts with hunters." The DNR explained officers do not have the authority to waive hunting license requirements. "Hunters who go afield this deer season are still required to buy a license from a retailer or online as soon as possible to meet their statutory obligations."

The temporary tags must include the hunter's name, the date the deer was killed and its gender, and the number of antler points on each side.