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Family out $7,000, left with broken couches ahead of Art Van closure

Posted at 7:32 AM, Mar 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-06 07:32:01-05

The largest furniture company in Michigan and the Midwest, Art Van Furniture, is closing for good and we are now hearing from one customer who says they will not be receiving the furniture she paid for.

More than 3,000 employees found out they will be losing their jobs Thursday, as the company is filing bankruptcy and shutting its doors by the end of May.

Kelly Melle reached out to FOX 17 after she heard the news that Art Van will soon shut its doors and fears she will never get to see the items she purchased.

She says she had a special order of couches shipped to her house back in February, but they came damaged and she had to reorder.

Melle says she called customer service who told her even though the order was placed, her items would never be arriving at her home due to the closure.

A customer service employee also told her there would be no refunds despite not receiving the $7,000 in items she paid for, according to Melle.

"We were very taken aback when they told us act we would never get those and our only remedy was basically to come in and purchase furniture that we did not want and they could not warranty," Kelly Melle told FOX 17 in a phone interview Thursday.

Melle says Art Van did offer to have her come in and pick items off the showroom floor, but she says that is not enough.

"Really all we’re asking for is to be treated fairly," she said. "If you can’t fulfill the order, then the order should be canceled and we should be refunded."

We realize the Melle family is just one of several other families and people who are likely to be in the same situation.

If you are still making payments on furniture you will still be required to do so, according to an Art Van spokesperson.

We were told the Art Van website would be updated with more information about warranties and returns but as of Friday morning, the website is down.

Art Van Furniture website is down