Michigan politicians disavowing Donald Trump

Posted at 8:22 AM, Oct 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-09 08:22:22-04

Donald Trump is facing serious political backlash after a decade old audio tape surface where he can be heard making crude and vulgar comments about women. Dozens of republicans are pulling back their support for the GOP's nominee.

Michigan congressman Mike Bishop has publicly supported Donald Trump, but says he can't condone the nominee's comments from 2005. In a statement Bishop says:

"No person should ever talk about women the way Trump talked in that conversation. I am disgusted by it. Senator John McCain said it best when he said, 'he alone bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences.'"

The Michigan Trump campaign deferred to Trump's video response when asked for comment in which the nominee apologized for his words more than a decade ago.

"I said it. I was wrong. And I apologize," says Trump in his video statement.

In spite of the apology, notable republicans like Ohio governor John Kasich and Michigan's Lieutenant governor Brian Calley have pulled their support for Trump. Calley is even asking Trump to leave the race, and he isn't the only one calling for that:

"We deserve a candidate that can ask themselves at the end of the day, 'did I live my life with honor and do I deserve to be elected president of the United States?'" asks rep. Joe Heck of Nevada, who is currently running for senate. "I believe our only option is to formally ask Mr. Trump to step down and to allow Republicans the opportunity to elect someone who will provide us with the strong leadership so desperately needed and one that Americans deserve."

But Trump will not exit the race. He tweeted Saturday he will never drop out.

The support from the Republican party is splintering, though. Even Indiana governor, and Trump's running mate, Mike Pence has spoken out against Trump's comments, and more republicans continue to disavow the GOP nominee