Michigan moms are demanding change

Posted at 6:34 PM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 18:34:01-04

Instead of flowers for Mother's Day, Alexis Dallas wants to see action.

"It is really hard to find affordable health care not only affordable just safe health care," Dallas said. "It's not easy to live like that."

Dallas says she can't afford to put her boys in child care. So wherever she goes they follow.

"I tell everyone, 'oh I want to come to your gathering but you know if my son can't come than I can't come,'" said Dallas.

Instead of cancelling plans, she and other mothers have added a new line to their agenda.

Representative Erika Geiss of the 12th District says mothers have always been tough. "As mothers we've always fought for our children. We've always fought for our communities, we've always fought for schools," Geiss said.

The mothers are a part of "Mothering Justice", a group of activists who want empower mothers to know their influence.

"We have gotten so frustrated with what's happening in our state that we're just turning up in droves across the state of Michigan," said Staci Lowry, Action and Organizing Director for Mothering Justice.

She says they're using that frustration as motivation to get law makers to listen.

"I don't think that our legislators are hearing us at the needs and demands for us to actually raise our families and gain financial stability," Lowry said.

The group wants affordable child care, paid sick time, and medical leave for the entire family.

"These issues are economic issues, they're non-partisan issues, they transcend race, they transcend religion, all of those things that tend to divide us." said Rep. Geiss. "These are issues that really should unite us."

They're hoping their call to action to legislation will be felt and change will be made for moms across the state.